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Open Positions: Open Positions


August 2019

A NIH-funded postdoctoral position with full benefits is available in Dr. Orie Shafer’s new laboratory at the Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC), in New York City (Manhattan). The position is fully funded for at least four years. Dr. Shafer is looking for a highly motivated and accomplished scientist interested in studying circadian timekeeping and light entrainment in the Drosophila brain.

Research will involve 1.) live-imaging and/or electrophysiological analysis of clock neurons and their sensory inputs, 2.) genetic manipulation of neural networks supporting timekeeping and entrainment to environmental light cycles, 3.) behavioral analysis of clock controlled behavioral outputs under finely controlled environmental conditions, and 4.) collaboration with colleagues in Environmental Sciences, Structural Biology, and Photonics to develop interdisciplinary approaches to the understanding of circadian timekeeping and light entrainment in the real world.

Desired qualifications: The candidate should have a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, Biology, or a related field. Experience with live-imaging, electrophysiology, or Drosophila neurobiology is desired. However, all candidates with a track record of scientific accomplishment and a strong interest in circadian biology and physiology are encouraged to apply.
Contact: Interested candidates should send an application packet consisting of a CV and a cover letter outlining current and future research interests, an expected start date, and the names and contact information for three references to Dr. Orie Shafer (

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