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Thuria Abadi

Thuriah Graduated with an Honors B.S in Biology from City College of New York. While studying at CCNY, Thuriah participated in the Biology Honors Research Program under the mentorship of Dr. Shubha Govind. Her research project investigated cell death in Drosophila melanogaster hosts parasitized by the larval endoparasitoid wasps Leptopilina heterotoma and Leptopilina boulardi. At Shafer lab, Thuriah works as a Research Technician and participates in a project to investigate circadian rhythms of larval parasitoid wasps. Her work exploders differences in circadian rhythms between closely related wasp species and differences between sexes of the same species. She recently got accepted to the PhD program in the Graduate Division of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. She has interests in cancer immunotherapeutics and novel targeted therapy for cancer. 

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